The Day No One Will Ever Forget

Today is Sept. 11 a day of reflection and moments of silence. On Sept. 11, 2001, our country was changed forever. It was an attack that no one saw coming. An attack that had been planned by a group I would define as pure evil. It was during the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, that a series of attacks began, all orchestrated by al-Qaeda. I was attending the DuBois Business College when it happened. I can still remember exactly where I was at that very exact moment that it all began. I was sitting in an unemployment office trying to find a part-time job while also attending college. It came over the radio that New York City was under attack and that the twin towers were crumbling to the ground. Then came more news that the pentagon had been attacked and in Shanksville, PA, a plane had crashed to the ground. My head was spinning and as those around me were frozen in fear, I found myself in a panic. Our country was being attacked and lives were being lost. The emotions I felt that day I will never forget. Feelings of fear, remorse and anger. We were dismissed from college early that day and I remember running home and turning on the news. Every news station played the images of the towers crumbling to the ground. All I could think about were the people who were desperately trying to get out of the buildings. Thousands of people lost their lives that day. The images will continue to haunt many of us. I wish I could say that things have gotten better but the truth is that our country must still stand guard. The terrorist group who orchestrated the attack are no longer the only terrorist group to fear. Now another has risen from the ashes of pure evil. ISIS has been terrorizing many in their home country. I often find myself wondering how such evil can exist in our world, but then I calm myself and remember that God is always with us. Though he took home thousands of souls that day, thousands and possibly more have bee created. I just wanted to take a moment to remember a day that will forever stay with me and with many who witnessed it. I would like to thank every single member of the military for all they do and for risking their lives to protect our country. Thank You.


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