The Hope Chest

When I was a little girl my mother gave me an old trunk. The trunk had been given to her by her father who was one in the Civilian Conservation Corps. My grandpa rishel had been denied entry into the army because of having flat feet. The trunk was used by my grandpa and though it is now old and worn, it carries a great deal of memories for me. My mother told me that years ago women used to have hope chest and they would put different things in those chests. Things that were sentimental. Sometimes they would put old dishes and other such things for when they got married. So as a child I began putting different things in my hope chest. Old magazines and tokens from my childhood. Then as I got older I began storing my old journals in the chest. I began filling it with memories and no matter where I moved to I always made sure that chest went with me. A month ago I peaked into the old chest with a broken handle on one side and a hole near the front. I peaked inside and looked at my old journals. I picked up the old tokens and magazines, taking a peak at the past. Then once again I packed everything up and locked up my old chest. I don’t know if I will every get married but what I do know is that hope chest will always be with me and someday I will pass it on to my son, because who says a chest full of memories is merely for women. The memories of that chest and the story that goes with it I will always treasure.


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