A New Beginning

For as long as I can remember I had always dreaded New Years Eve. Not once had I ever been kissed at midnight by a gorgeous man even when I had a boyfriend. It always seemed like they were workaholics or our cheating on me. So I would go into the New Year depressed. At the beginning of 2015 I went into the New Year depressed. The guy I had been crushing on for so long had broken my heart with just a few cruel words and though I had went out to a bar for some fun I was stuck sitting at a table watching other couples making out. Those who I considered friends chose not to hang out with me but to instead once again ignore me. Though I once again braved another year dateless something inside of me changed. Perhaps it was turning 34 and realizing that there is just so much I want to accomplish that changed my perception of life. You see I have always been goal oriented. I make a list and I focus my energy on accomplishing everything on that list. I have succeeded in accomplishing many goals but there are always other goals I am striving to accomplish. So on New Years Eve 2015 I for the first time in my life went into the New Year thinking positively. I wasn’t about to let any tears be shed and most certainly not by anyone around me. No I wanted to go into this New Year focus and determined. I started off the New Year by picking up my sketch book which is something I need to do more of and sketching. I have an art show in just a few weeks and a deadline to meet. I saw down and started a new journal and filled it with hopes and dreams and not failures. I found myself filled with determination. The determination to finish my novel and get it published. The determination to find a mechanic who can actually diagnose and fix my car before any snow storms hit. The determination to start a whole new chapter in my life. With that determination I hope to achieve every single goal on my list.


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