A day in the life of a mother

I envy the mothers who get to sleep in on weekends. The one’s who have husbands or boyfriends who wake up early to get their child something to eat or keep them entertained. As a single mother with no boyfriend or husband I have forgotten what it feels like to get a full nights sleep with no interruptions. I have forgotten what it feels like to sleep in. My day begins as early as 6 a.m. on school days, which is normal considering I have to get my son up and dressed for school, while also getting myself ready for work. It’s funny when I think about it because most days I have to wake him up from a deep slumber while on the weekends his little alarm seems to be set at either 5 a.m. or 6 a.m. On the weekends he usually shakes me awake and after dragging myself out of bed, I make my way downstairs turn on the light and television, get him a glass of juice and then make my way back to bed. Ten minutes later and yes it ten minutes because I have counted, he comes racing up the stairs and begins jumping on my bed. No matter if I put on his favorite cartoon or show, he still manages to come up shake me awake. This goes on every ten minutes, 15 if I am lucky and it doesn’t end until I finally decide to get up for the day. The moment I finally decide to get up I am cranky and moody due to the lack of sleep I received from the night before. I immediately head to the kitchen and get his ADHD medicine ready and then stand over him until he takes it. From there is “Mommy I want breakfast and no I don’t want cereal, no I don’t a poptart, toast? yuck!” We finally settle on what seems like the only thing he will eat most mornings and that is toaster strudels. I have to then pry the tablet which he is currently playing his favorite video game on out of his hands and begin demanding that he get dressed. Just when I think its safe for me to get dressed and have a cup coffee while checking my email, he pounces on top of me and begins quizzing me on what I am doing and then attempting to steal my cup of coffee. While the morning meds seem to work for a few hours the moment they wear off I have a hyper little boy on my hands who loves pushing everyone’s buttons. Though I attempt to distract him by sitting down with a book for him to read to me, or putting on a movie for us to watch together, there are still those days when he won’t have any of it. Instead he begins tossing toys, acting silly, sometimes moody or when I am attempting to do laundry, sit inside the laundry basket and demand I carry him down the stairs. All the while I am trying hard not to pull out my hair. Though despite the tantrums, despite the outbursts I love him to pieces. My favorite times of the day are the two of us snuggling under a warm blanket. The “I love you mommy!” “Your the best mommy!” Those are the words I never get tired of hearing. It’s not easy being a mother or a parent for that matter. Children don’t come with instruction books so everyday you are learning something new. Everyday their are challenges, boo boos, tears, laughter and joy. There are days when you want to lock yourself in the closet and cry, days when you want to yell and scream. But what I have learned thus far is that it takes patience and strength. It’s a never ending job, there are no sick days, no days off, no hiding under the bed (not that I could anyway), no where to hide because your kids will always find you. It’s a 24 hour job but for me a jack of all trades rolled into one its one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever had and one I will never stop loving.


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