Saturday Memories

Saturday’s come and go but for me it’s a day that I treasure no matter whether we are going any where or not. Growing up I can remember getting up early on Saturday’s and turning on Saturday morning cartoons. My brother and I would sit in front of the television eating a big bowl of cereal and waiting for our parents to get up. Then we would head to my Grandpa and Grandma Rishel’s where we would then pile into my Grandpa’s car and head to either Indiana or DuBois and go shopping. I can remember holding on for dear life as my Grandpa loved to speed down the road but I loved every minute of it. I loved being with them and all of us being together as a family. Sometimes we were would head to Marion Center where they used to have auctions. I can remember running around outside and heading to the playground. I can remember sitting beside my grandpa and eating a hot dog. At the time I never really thought much of it  I thought i would have years with him, never realizing that God would only give me ten. When he passed things changed and Saturday’s were never quite the same. Sure we visit with  my Grandma but something was missing, something we would never get back. God would bless me with 25 year with my grandma, before she would go on to join my grandpa.Now as a mother my Saturday’s usually consist of trying to get as much sleep as i can but failing miserably due to my son’s ADHD which kicks in high gear the moment he wakes up. Sometimes i have the money to go shopping other times I spend the day at home catching up on housework or getting things done that should have been done weeks before. As an adult I often look to those memories and wish so badly I could go back for just one Saturday. But as I have learned you can’t go back you can only go forward. As i try to create some Saturday memories for my son I have found that things don’t always stay the same. There aren’t really any good Saturday morning cartoons in fact its a challenge to find one that is appropriate for my son to watch. There is no sleeping in and there are no more auctions to head out to in the evening. Yes things have changed but that doesn’t stop me from trying my best to make them memorable. So as I go on with this Saturday, fighting a cold and a broken down computer chair the rest of the day will unfold quickly as it always does but I will make the best of it because we all have treasured memories and someday these Saturday’s will be a memory that my son will look back on as well.


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