Cat vs Mouse

My mother’s day was already heading into a disaster after a fight with my mother and a battle with the stomach flu which kicked my butt in the worst way. However, nothing could prepare me for Sunday night, as I lay miserable on the couch and suddenly a little gray mouse came scurrying out into the middle of my living room. Now I love my new apartment but when I moved in I had to deal with hornets and ants. I, however, forged ahead and stayed patient as my landlord sent in the bug guy to deal with those problems. I just wasn’t prepared for a mouse. Now anyone that really knows me knows that I hate rodents especially mice and rats. It has been a fear of mine since I was little. I grew up in a rat infested trailer where my mother and father were always battling rats. Then when we moved to Big Run into a beautiful home we still had to deal with mice and rats. So almost everywhere that we moved too we have dealt with mice or rats sometimes both. Well instead of being afraid like I was in the past I stood my ground. Perhaps it’s because I am a mother now and I am out to protect my kid but I jumped to my feet and stomped the ground and watched as he scurried back to where he came. For a brief moment we locked eyes with him standing on his hind legs when it little mouth opened and me feeling anger at seeing such a creature standing in my living room. After he scurried away I grabbed an old pair of jeans and quickly tucked them under the closet door where he had gotten through. I then pinned them against there the best I could. I immediately contacted my landlord that there was a mouse and he assured me that in a few days he would set traps but I wasn’t about to live with a mouse so I contacted my mother and had her bring one of her cats down to stay with me a few days and to hopefully capture that little bugger. I then mopped the floor with bleach because who knows what that dang thing has I mean rodents carry germs and I am a paranoid person. So began the first day of letting the cat roam around and me secretly hoping that the cat finds the mouse and destroys him. I won’t rest until that little sucker is gone along with whatever buddies he has roaming around in the attic above. So wish me luck on my quest to rid this place of rodents.


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