Parenting and Sports

Today my son officially decided that he no longer wants to do baseball. I saw it coming when he kept asking me to take him home before practice ended. He hated it from the beginning but never told me until now. I had wanted him to make new friends and try the whole baseball thing out again thinking he liked it only to find that he didn’t.  I have found that you if your child doesn’t like something you shouldn’t force them to do something they don’t want to do. So that’s why when he told me he wasn’t happy I listened and pulled him out of it. Now that’s not to say he won’t find a sport he likes. He keeps going on and on about football and karate. In life we often have to deal with our children wanting to try new things but then deciding its not right. Yes we put out a lot of money for uniforms and equipment but I am not one of those parents who push their children into something nor am I one of those parents who want to live through their children. When I was his age I was into karate and loved it. Maybe he will too or maybe he won’t’ either way it will be his choice.


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