What I Learned In New York

For years I dreamed of seeing New York City. The glitz and glamour that so many movies portray it to be. A huge fan of Sex in the City I wanted to walk down the streets and experience as much as I could. As a small town girl living in a town with only a thousand people, I longed for some excitement. That combined with my eight year old son’s desire to see the Statue of Liberty. So we boarded a bus and endured eight hours on a cramped up bus where I felt like a sardine. Sleeping on the bus was impossible but even sleep deprived I still longed to see the city. The moment we entered the city I felt this overwhelming feeling of joy. I was achieving one of my biggest goals. As we drove into the city I looked out the window at all the people who were walking down the streets. Each one held their head high and walked without fear. I found myself wondering about their lives. Living in a big city has to be challenging but for someone like me who isn’t used to the city it was quite an experience. The bus dropped some people off in Times Square and then took the rest of us to Battery Park, where we then boarded the ferry and headed to the Statue of Liberty. My first impression of Battery Park was the amazing art work and the breathtaking statues but I wasn’t prepared to stand in line to get on the ferry nor was I expecting to go through security twice. However, the ferry ride made up for it. Across the waters the Statue of Liberty and I watched as my son’s eyes beamed and he gave me a big smile. When we got off the ferry it was time to head for the statue and having signed up to head to the pedestal I was unprepared for the 128 steps one must climb. As I huffed and puffed my way up those stairs and watched my son dart ahead like it was nothing, I began to wonder why the heck I even chose to go inside but finally we made it. Though their was quite a view of the city I was too busy catching my breath and trying not to look down. Going down the steps wasn’t bad but making it to the ferry after that exercise was a bit of a challenge. The ferry ride back gave my son and I a chance to get some great pictures of the Statue of Liberty but as with any trip I have taken there is always some kind of mishap. We ended up getting off at the wrong stop then we lost a few friends who had accompanied us on the trip. The moment we stepped off the ferry it was time to explore the city. For the first time in my life I got to ride the subway which was pretty incredible. Now mind you it was during the day so I didn’t see any troublemakers thankfully. Though we were trying to find some place to eat I found myself anxious to see Times Square. However, my friends dragged us off to Little Italy where I was a bit upset that my friends chose to eat there instead of the other many restaurants. After a late lunch we took the subway to Central Station and headed to Times Square. I found myself in awe of all the bright lights and bill boards. As it got closer to the time when the bus would pick us up I tried to savor every moment. I found myself wishing that I could have stayed longer. I loved the city, loved the fast paced world where a variety of different people walk down the street with confidence. As we left the city I took one last look and vowed the one day we would visit again.


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